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Atlanta, will Ace be reinforced? Clover-Bugarner-Bauer-Cycle

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What kind of pitcher will the Atlanta Braves, who have reached the top of the National League East Division, be aiming to enter the ace this off-season?

Atlanta recently added to the lineup by recruiting Josh Donaldson (33). Donaldson is a player who can play as a MVP when he is healthy.

Atlanta also plans to add one more outfielder. He is interested in recruiting Michael Brantley, 31.

Atlanta is also seeking to recruit ace to lead the mound. Analysts say that if he strengthens an outfielder and aces, he can also run for the presidency.

The candidate is seen as a four-man pitcher. Cory Clover of the Cleveland Indians (32) and Trevor Bauer (27). Cleveland put two pitchers on the market.

The starting pitchers who are mentioned with Clover-Bauer are Madison Bumgarner (29, San Francisco Giants) and Dallas Kaikl (30). Kaikl is the only free agent (FA).

Among them, Clover and Bowers are under contract until the 2021 and 2020 respectively, and Bumgarner will be eligible for free agency after 2019. Kaikl is a player who needs a long-term contract.

The player with the lowest trade price is Bumgarner. This does not mean that Bumgarner's skills are in decline. This is because there is a guarantee contract only until 2019 season.

Clover and Bowers are worth more than Bumgarner because they have guaranteed contracts until the 2021 and 2020. Bauer, in particular, is only 27. 

Bauer is the best. Bowers pitched 175 1/3 innings in 28 games (27 starting points) this season, showing surprising performance with 12 wins and six losses and an ERA of 2.21.

Clover pitched 215 innings in 33 games this season, recording 20 wins, seven losses and an ERA of 2.89. It has surpassed 200 innings for the past five years in a row.

In 21 games this season, Bumgarner pitched 129-2/3 innings, recording six wins, seven losses and an ERA of 3.26. Postseason performance is the best.

Kaikl has not played in many games in the past two years, but this season he has shown his solid performance by playing 204 2/3 innings in 34 games.

Attention is focusing on 사다리사이트 what option Atlanta, which is aiming to strengthen its ace, will take place at the Winter Meeting that will take place until the 14th (Korea time).

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