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"Investigation for Koreans"→ "For foreigners only."Foreseen For-profit Hospital Conflict

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Jeju Island has given a surprise grant to Korea's first commercial hospital, but the hospital has been hearing a lot of noise. It's because of the conditions that prohibit the treatment of Koreans, but our reporters looked into it and found that Jeju Island has been a source of conflict.

I'm Won Jong Jin.


This is a summary of the business plan submitted by Green Paper International Hospital to the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2015.

The treatment targets foreigners.

Based on this, Jeju does not accept the green hospital's request to treat Koreans.

[Jeju Provincial Office] : Look here. 10,000 foreigners will be attracted.

However, the final version of the business plan admitted that it contained a local medical plan.

[Jeju City Hall official: Didn't you write "I'm going to accept a foreigner" in the contents of the plan?) It's probably one of the titles in one or two lines. I can't reveal it. (Planet) The contents are.]

At the height of the licensing process, Jeju Island's promotional brochure in 2016 says that Korean patients can be treated without discrimination.사설토토

A hospital official claimed that he had never changed his plan for patient care in Korea in the course of his or her review with Jeju Island.

Governor Won Hee-ryong himself refuted the criticism that Jeju's swing-and-go administration has created a conflict.

[Won Hee-ryong/Jeju Provincial Governor: Back in 2016, there was no such thing as a clear indication that Korean medical care was not available. Because it wasn't a final decision yet. Even with the revision of the special law, we will review it.

Regarding the conditional authorization, he said he could not leave 100 billion won in damages on Jeju Island and considered relations with China.

Unless opened within three months, conditional permission will be revoked, so the green hospital with some facility is expected to receive patients soon.

However, controversy is growing as Green Hospital is poised to prepare a lawsuit and Jeju Island can revoke its license.

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