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I heard it would reduce the burden of parenting.What is the effectiveness of Paradigm Shift?

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The government, which has been struggling due to the falling birth rate, has come up with a concrete action plan to address the low birthrate. What's noticeable is that they will cover all medical expenses before they enter elementary school. Next year, it will start under the age of one and greatly reduce the burden of raising children by expanding the scope of the application by 2025. The maternity leave period for spouses is now extended from three days paid to ten days, and public housing is also supported to accommodate 380,000 newlyweds by 2022.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun analyzed this measure.


There were 84,400 children born in the third quarter of this year. It's the smallest number in history.

Since announcing the first basic plan for low birth rate in 2006, the nation has spent more than 100 trillion won over the past 11 years, but the birth rate is falling.

Therefore, the implementation plan reflects the willingness to carefully choose and concentrate rather than increase the number of policies.

I'm not going to do a department store-style policy.

[Kim Sang-hee, vice chairman of the Low Birthrate and Aging Society Committee: We boldly brushed aside the ministry's tasks that are of low importance and low urgency to select key tasks to focus on.]

Instead of simply 안전놀이터 asking them to have more children, they changed the paradigm to improve the quality of life in every process that they gave birth, raised, and grew.

[Minister of Health and Welfare: In order to cope with changes in the population structure, efforts by society to share the burden of child rearing carried by individuals and their families must be made.]

Paying for a few years after giving birth doesn't mean you'll have more children, so you need to believe that even if you get married and give birth, your quality of life won't go down.

[University of Social Welfare at Yangnanju/Daegu University: It is meaningful that the focus is on areas where a child should be born and raised, how society will support and guarantee the quality of his or her life, and what businesses he or she will be doing.]

The plan has been greatly reduced.Ji-man, we still have a lot of budget.

It is estimated that it will cost more than 26 trillion won to implement all of the key plans, and the National Assembly may have to make a big announcement as if the two-and-a-half-million-won plan was cancelled.

Moon Jae-in president of the Committee on Aging Society and power in the formal meeting did not attend a single and government measures he has concerns.

(Video Coverage: Kim Won-bae, Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin)

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